VCS Dev Docs Struct abstract_filter_graph_node_s

A GUI-agnostic representation of a filter graph node.


Data fields

std::vector<std::pair<unsigned, double>>parameters
std::pair<double, double>position

Detailed description

A GUI-agnostic representation of a filter graph node.

Used to mediate data between the disk subsystem's file loader and the display subsystem's (GUI framework-dependent) filter graph implementation, so that the file loader can remain independent from the GUI framework.

Data field documentation

std::string backgroundColor

The color of the node's background.


In the future, this property will be refactored into an enumerator.

std::vector<int> connectedTo

The nodes (identified by their id) to which this node is connected.

int id

Uniquely identifies this node from others.

bool isEnabled

Whether this node is active (true) or a passive passthrough (false).

std::vector<std::pair<unsigned, double>> parameters

The filter parameters for this node (see abstract_filter_c).

std::pair<double, double> position

The node's 2D XY coordinates in the filter graph.

std::string typeUuid

The UUID of the filter type that this node represents (see abstract_filter_c).