VCS Dev Docs Guide Welcome to VCS Dev Docs

Welcome to VCS Dev Docs

Welcome to VCS's technical documentation for developers!

These docs aim to provide architectural and code-level information about VCS to developers – although their contents are fairly sparse and scattered at the moment.

The VCS source code repository and end-user documentation can be found on GitHub,

Layout of documentation

In most cases, the thematic organizational unit of code in VCS is the source file (e.g. .cpp); for which the corresponding header file (e.g. .h) provides a public interface accessible to other units. This is organization is roughly equivalent to classes: the source file represents the class, and static global variables and functions inside the source file are its private members.

With that in mind, perhaps the most useful way of accessing this documentation is on the file level, where for each documented header file there's an overview of its interface followed by documentation of each of the interface's functions. You can find an index of the documented interfaces (header files) here, or by clicking on "Files" in the upper left corner.